BER Improved to B1

Energlaze recently upgraded this attractive home in west Dublin. The house was built in the year 2000 using cavity block construction. Insulation was sparse. The attic had approximately 50/100mm roll out, way below current minimum standards. Internally, the walls had poorly installed fibre insulation that allowed thermal bridging and it was missing in many places. The PVC windows were old and the glass offered poor heat retention.

Upgrade your home

Energy-efficient measures recommended and installed


100mm of insulation on external walls.


Cavity walls filled with EPS bonded bead.


Attic insulated with 120mm foam spray


150mm open cell spray foam insulation between batons


New uPVC windows with Low E glass and warm composite door


Soffit vents installed for ventilation throughout the home

Energy Upgrades Solution

Our energy upgrade solution was to wrap the house in 100mm Insulation wrap, fill all wall cavities with bonded beads, replace windows and doors with our new high performance windows, fitted with Energlaze Low E glass delivering an overall U-value of 1.1 and a new composite front door, secured airtightness with a U-value of 0.98.

Some upstairs rooms were particularly poorly insulated and we provided additional insulation by removing old insulation and spraying 150mm open cell foam between the batons, replacing plasterboard, tape and skimmed to secure airtightness.

In the attic, a structural steel beam just above ceiling level caused cold convection making the upstairs rooms even colder. Our solution was to install and spray the attic with open cell spray foam onto pre-fitted breather cards between the rafters and install 120mm of insulation foam. The foam insulation was also applied to the structural steel surfaces. Ventilation is delivered through soffit vents.

This recently completed home is now much warmer and more energy efficient. SEAI energy grants were approved for work.

Upgrade your home

The home is now so much more comfortable and the customer commented:

“We are delighted with the upgrades. We have already seen energy bills drop and we have not turned on the heating upstairs since the renovation.”

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